Interactive Control Systems Tools

(Control systems Analysis and Design "CsAD")

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All files included in the Interactive Control Systems Tools (called CsAD Package or CsAD software below) are copyrighted, but can be freely downloaded, i.e. the CsAD system is a free software. The software CsAD runs under MALTAB and the terms of usage of MATLAB are stated in the respective Licence by Mathworks, Inc. The terms of usage of CsAD software are stated below.
Terms for using CsAD software package
  1. Copyright
    The CsAD software is copyright by Valeri Kroumov. Any changes of the copyright and version numbers are not allowed.
  2. Usage
    It is not allowed to erase the copyright notices from the files of the CsAD software. In a case that a file or a part of file from the package is used in developing different application the copyright notice cannot be changed.
  3. Distribution
    In is not allowed to distribute the CsAD software for commercial purpose. It is allowed to receive money only when there is a need to cover packaging and postal expenses only. It is forbidden to use any part of the CsAD software or the CsAD software for any kind commercial purposes.
  4. Warranty
    The holder of the copyright is not responsible for any kind of damage caused by using the CsAD software. The copyright holder has no any obligations to improve, correct and adjust the CsAD software.
Downloading of the CsAD package will mean that the person of the organization, which downloaded the software agrees with the above terms.

NOTE: Only the stand-alone version is downloadble. The WEB version cannot be downloaded. The stand-alone version needs the MATLAB software.

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