Interractive Tools for Analysis
    and Design of Control Systems

The interactive learning tools for enhancing the education in system control are aimed at improving the understanding of and skills for analysis and design of control systems. The tools are enhanced by detailed helps and hints and can be used by the students for solving seminar problems and individual learning. They can be implemented as a teaching aid during the lectures in classical automatic control, as well. The modules can be used for analysis and design of real control systems, too.

Both, Japanese and English versions of the tools are in process of developing. The tools can be run under MATLAB V. 5.3., V. 6.0, V. 6.1, or V. 6.5 and The Student Edition of MATLAB.

Internet version

Installation: extract the contents of the ZIPped file below in some directory and add the path to that directory and its subdirectories to the MATLAB path. Typing "mainmenu" in the MATLAB command window starts the tools' main menu.

The tools are tested only under Windows version of MATLAB but should work under the UNIX (Linux) version, too. In the near future tested version under Linux will be uploaded, too.